The technology of the string
transport which
will change the world

Is recognized by the Expert Council of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
The huge potential from realization on the world market of transport and accompanying infrastructure
April 2015: the beginning of the EcoTechnoPark construction
May 2016: the launch of the target project in Australia
September 2016: the presentation of the technology at Innotrans-2016
November 2016: the demonstration of light and urban transport
2018: the demonstration of high-speed and freight transport
What is Skyway
SkyWay is the innovative technology of the "second level" and its infrastructure, developed by Anatoliy Eduardovich Yunitskiy. It is the technology of the speed rail rolling stock's moving "above the ground" on the prestressed, perfectly smooth steel track, fixed at the end of the anchor supports. The SkyWay technology received a number of the governmental rewards and UN grants.
Types of skyway transport
Speed: up to 120 km/h
Combines the features of transport and sport-recreational object.
Speed: up to 150 km/h.
Capacity: more than 25 000 passengers per hour
Maximum gradient:45%
More than 100 million tons of goods a year
Universal, transports any goods.
Speed: up to 500 km/h
More than 100 000 passengers per day.
REDUCTION OF TRAFFIC. Traffic jams will disappear. Urban and freight transport will be moving unimpededly on the rail roads of the "second" level with the speed of up to 150 km/h.
EFFICIENCY. SkyWay is 2-3 cheaper than the usual roads, 8-10 times cheaper than speed railways and highways, 2-3 times cheaper than monorail roads,15-20 times cheaper than maglev trains.
ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS. It reduces fuel consumption and environmental impact by 1.5-2 times in comparison with the motor transport, and by 1.5-2 times, compared with the railway.
SAFETY. 1.5 million people die and more than 20 million are injured and become disabled due to road accidents in the world every year. SkyWay will save from death thousands of people and millions of animals.
SPEED OF MOVEMENT. Up to 500 km/h. It is twice as fast as “Sapsan”, and the ticket cost from Moscow to St. Petersburg will be approximately 500 rubles.
DEMAND. SkyWay has large pre-orders, and a lot of targeted projects are being initiated all over the world. A great number of Russian and foreign corporations, government officials, entrepreneurs, large investors, financial groups, foundations, states have already got interested in the project.
Download the detailed presentation about the technology with the technical justification right now!
The project is divided into 15 steps: from the preparation of the technical documentation up to the first public and private orders. Now the project is on its 13th stage.
Work with customers and suppliers of equipment, components, assemblies and units to create a pilot industrial and production bases − "EcoTechnoPark" (the town of Maryina Gorka) with three test sections of SW-systems (freight, urban and high-speed ones).
13th STAGE
Continuation of the construction of the SkyWay Innovation Centre in tropical design in the UAE, which will include three test flyovers, the cargo and passenger rolling stock, as well as the infrastructure of the second level: stations, depot, switches, intelligent system of security, control, power supply and communications.
Works on creation of the pilot-industrial and production bases of the Holding in different countries and implementation of corresponding construction and installation works.
Continuation of works on creation of scientific, test, technological and operational equipment, necessary for the pilot-industrial development, certification, construction and operation of the cargo, urban and high-speed SW-Systems, including the rail-string flyover, rolling stock and second-level infrastructure.
Continuation of works with customers from all over the world on targeted projects of the cargo, urban and high-speed international SW-systems, conclusion of preliminary contracts and reception of pre-orders and advance payments on these orders.
World Recognition
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has also recognized Yunitskiy’s string transport technology as innovative and perspective, and the representatives of the industrial centre of import-substituting technologies in transport are coming to EcoTechnoPark for the testing of the transport.
Rod Hook
The former Minister of transport, infrastructure and planning of South Australia
Lebed Alexander Ivanovich
Russian statesman and military leader, commander, Lieutenant-General. Former Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.
Filipenko Alexander Ivanovich
Former Governor, Chairman of the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra. Auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
Volk Igor
Soviet cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, President of the International Association "Earth and Space Exploration," retired colonel
Grishin Sergei Anatolyevich
President of the holding company "Novotrans", former Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation(2000-2002)
Orlov Michael Alexandrovich
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences in two specialties (computer engineering and computer-aided design), co-founder and scientific director of MTRIZ.
Russian Peace Fund
You can become
one of the investors
skyway creator
Yunitskiy Anatoliy Eduardovich
Russian scientist, inventor and entrepreneur
Author and Designer General оf SkyWay string technology
Leader of two UN projects
Member of the Federation of Cosmonautics of the USSR
Author of over 140 inventions
Author of 18 monographs and over 200 scientific papers
President of SkyWay group of companies.


  • year 2013 :less than 10 partners
  • year 2015: more than 10 000 partners
  • year 2018 : more than 250 000 investors and partners
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Выгодное вложение
Profitable investment of your finance You buy company shares at a discount up to hundreds of times their nominal potential value , and when the company has entered the world market, you can theoretically get multiple profits up to thousands of percent or more
Интеллектуальная собственность
Intellectual property SkyWay group of companies own the exclusive right to the transport string technology, the value of which, according to the independent experts is $ 400 867 433 000
Пожизненные дивиденды
Lifelong dividends With each implemented targeted project, you get the profit, corresponding to the number of your obtained shares
Совладение корпорацией
Co-ownership of the world corporation Purchasing shares of the company, you become one of the co-owners of the largest transport corporations of the XXI century
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SkyWay Patents and Awards
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The patent of Russian Federation № 2211890
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The Euroasian patent for the invention № 005534
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The patent of the Russian Federation № 2475386
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The Diploma SkyWay EXPO 2014
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The patent of the Russian Federation № 2325293
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The Diploma "Yunitskiy String Transport" Ltd
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The patent of the Russian Federation № 2475387
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The patent of the Russian Federation № 2324612
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1. Нужно диверсифицировать активы. Нельзя держать все яйца в одной корзине. SkyWay – долгосрочная инвестиция, возможная капитализация и будущие дивиденды больше, чем у хайпов и ботов для форекса.

2. Вспомните известные стартапы. Кто-нибудь верил Apple, когда они говорили, что предоставят каждому человеку личный компьютер? 40 лет назад Рональд Уэйн испугался и продал их акции за 800$. Сегодня они бы стоили 58 миллиардов.

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Project FS-RUS-98-S01 "Sustainable development of human settlements and improvement of their communication infrastructure"; Project № FS-RUS-02-S03 "Provision of Sustainable Development of Human Settlements and Urban Environment Protection through the Use of the String Transportation System. There was also received the UN Grant on"Greening the Roofs of Buildings"
ISIN Organization has assigned the company Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding International identification code of securities (ISIN) - VGG322291094
Australian state independent consulting company MBM pl PTY Ltd MBM that provides services in the field of construction and real estate, has carried out an expert assessment of technology and confirmed its low cost compared to conventional counterparts (rail, monorail, lift, ramp, etc.)
National Investment and Privatization Agency of the Republic of Belarus has allocated the land in the industrial park and placed SkyWay in the top 10 investment projects of the country.